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Blog networking is one of the most undervalued and underused strategies for most. But I believe it is at the core for growing a blog. You will find links in this post to help eliminate some of the work; all you have to do is LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW others. The more you network with […]

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Barn Windows

There is just something about barn windows… I have this need to want to restore and keep them intact. I love the history that they tell in the with the multiple layers of the paint. The grains of rust that fall off the the window latch. I wonder how many times this window was closed shut to keep the the farm animals warm. I can imagine the  sound the rain made as it hits the glass. This window is particular special to me because it belonged to my grandparents and was brilliantly saved by mother. It was intact with the glass  with no cracks!

My husband had made this great stand but our aquarium but I wanted doors after the fact and these barns windows worked out pretty awesome.  Since we stored so much stuff underneath. I could not have it showing. It was an eye sore!

I decided to frost the glass because I did not want any one to see the hot mess underneath. This was a pretty simple step and could easily be undone if I decided I did not like it or I was unhappy with it. I was really cautious of causing any damage. You just tape off the areas you do not want the paint to touch and then you apply it just as if you would any spray paint. I applied Krylon Glass Frost Aerosol Spray and waited for it to dry. I applied two coats.


I then bought some great stencils at the craft store to etch the letter M in the center for our last name. Now this is on going argument with in the house that everyone says this looks like a H… so I will let you all be the judge.

I  was able to find some great hinges at a local Habitat for Humanity Store. They looked as if they had been on some old windows or doors. It was such a great find. I always try to find such hardware and difficult items at these stores. This is such a great way to give back a little to your community. Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability,and shelter for those in the community. Happy New Year to you all, Thank you for stopping by.

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Hope Chest Updo

My Uncle Jerry was a carpenter who built amazing things. I was lucky enough to inherit  this beautiful  piece of work after my uncle died of Parkinson’s disease. I wanted to keep the classic …

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Hope Chest Updo

My Uncle Jerry was a carpenter who built amazing things. I was lucky enough to inherit  this beautiful  piece of work after my uncle died of Parkinson’s disease. I wanted to keep the classic part of the  chest but wanted a more of an updated look. The inside was perfect,  lined with cedar. This did not need to be touched. So this is what the it looked like in the beginning . It’s made of  oak and though I do not care for for the yellow looking oak look the I love the strength that the oak.


So my idea was to paint the chest white. I had some great white paint left over from another project I used an oil based high performance, gloss by Rustoleum . I applied 2 coats with approximately 24 hours in between for drying.   White paint gives me the impression of  a clean slate, a fresh start,  a new beginning. I wanted to try and persevere the craftsmanship of the chest. I started by removing the brass handles and set these aside. I used a forged hammered color spray paint. I applied two coats of the handles.

I was planning on using this piece in my office my plan was to stick with the black and white theme. My daughter had an old comforter that we were going to toss out so I decided to use a piece of it for this particular project. I cut it to size and used a staple gun to secure it to the chest. It just happened to have enough padding to make it comfortable to sit on as a bench. img_1271

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So my husband has had this long time friend who was getting married, and this was his 2nd marriage. They both were coming from two house holds that had everything. They had a destination wedding that was amazing and unfortunately we were not able to attend. So I really wanted them to have something they would remember their new start together. Of course when I decided on this little adventure in my brain it was like the day before the reception when I had to have this gift ready.  No problem, I got this ….. Tick.. Tock..


So I had some pallet boards I used 7 boards total and cut them into approximately  four to five feet. I staggered it to give it a more rustic look and appeal. I used screws to secure to two thin boards on the back of this project to stabilize it. I had to use a printer to print out the size of letters I needed. I then used graphite paper to transfer the lettering to the sign. I still had craft paint hanging around so I painted it with what I had. I then used a stencil I had and gave it some finial touches. The last thing I had to do was to put two or three coats of quick dry polyurethane on the sign to seal it.


It was a fantastic hit! I picked the sea-foam green color because it was one of their wedding colors.The black because it looked clean but rustic. They now have this displayed above their fireplace.

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My little Black Thumb

I can grow just about anything outside, but when it comes to indoor plants it’s a whole different story. So I came up with a solution. I certainly cannot kill this one !



So I found this awesome plastic pot in my shed that was dis regarded. The ironic thing about this pot was my husband bought me flowers one Valentines Day that use to hold potted  flowers, and guess what? They died. Big surprise! So this was just perfect!


So now  I just  needed some rocks, I put my son to work and asked him to go down to our creek and pick out smooth flat rocks for this project. He came back with so many to choose from. When I decided on the ones I wanted I washed them up and let them dry.

I dragged out my craft paints and I ended up having alot of shades of green, and that was the look I was going for so I went to work. Thank goodness I had white paint too because I needed that as well.

I painted each one of the rocks solid colors and waited for them to dry. Then I started decorating with the white paint.


It took only about an hour for the paint to dry after the white detail. I made different detail on the rocks as you can see.

So I wanted the bottom to look like sand but I did not have sand,  what I did have was some burlap that contained this gold thread weave through it.  I stuffed the bottom of the  flower-pot with plastic bags and covered it with the burlap.

I used one of my FAVORITE  TOOLS, the glue gun and glued down the rocks lightly just to make sure they did not move  around.


Well I am pretty happy  on how this project turned out. This was a very easy kid friendly project! I hope you enjoyed my blog! Because I enjoyed telling you !




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Whistle while I work ??

women-readingHow do I entertain myself as I do manual labor on these projects I do? Well I do NOT whistle! I don’t know how to whistle…I’m actually pretty jealous of these people who can bust out a whistle effortlessly especially if its like the the whistle to ” Sweet child of Mine, by Axel Rose/Guns & Roses…. did I just date myself?? So what do I do??.. well besides the norm of listening to my favorite music, and replaying in my head that come back I should have said when I had that argument earlier with my co-worker or that random line cutter., I LOVE to listen to audio books. I don’t get much time to read  AND…. To tell you the truth for some reason when I actually STOP and SIT STILL to read, I fall asleep. It’s weird. So it takes me like a year or 2 to make it through a book and then I can’t even remember the beginning.,So I got really turned on to audio books years ago when I had a job as a medical sales rep and was on the road all the time and lets face it there is only so much music you can listen too and only so much news before you have heard it all. So I got into books again it made my trips exciting. I actually love  to be on the road again. I found myself being able to engage with people on what the latest books where and expressed my thoughts and ides. I have always wanted to read some of the classics like “The Catcher  and the Rye”,  ” Gone with the Wind”,  ” Wuthering Heights” so I  took advantage and played these by audio as these were  not required reads in my years of education. I can say some are over rated.

What do I typical read or listen to?  Well it’s typically  non fiction, it’s either what you call a chick lit work typically can be quiet depressing with life and death decisons everyday..  so  I need something up Lifting and Funny  or something that takes me away from it all! Then there is the other side of things….I have always loved crime books, with a strong female lead. So mainly what I am saying either the chick has to make me laugh or she has to kick some serious ass because I have to work my butt off all day and now I’m doing some labor to make this project look good I want to be entertained by an amazing leading lady!

I am currently listening a great series of books by Chris Mooney and I am #4″ The Soul Collector”.The female is a bad ass name Darby Mc Cormick who is just awesome. It has a combination of police, FBI, CIA and government…I just keep at it. This is my new vice at the moment.

I loved  The devil wears Prada , Good in Bed, Shopaholic, I Don’t Know how she does it, (I Loved them all)

I would really love to hear some great non fiction books  that my readers have read. Please share! I have many more projects and need many more suggestions! Thank you all in advance. Also you do not have to stick to my guidelines if there is something you adored please share with me. I’m sure I will love it to, so let it fly people!!! Thank you!




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Metal Steamer Desk

I have decided to redo my office,  Okay there now it is …so there is no turning back now ! So one of my projects is this amazing metal desk. I love this desk. I love the size, the durability,…

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Metal Steamer Desk

I have decided to redo my office,  Okay there now it is …so there is no turning back now ! So one of my projects is this amazing metal desk. I love this desk. I love the size, the durability, and the storage space. I hate the COLOR! It has this ugly brown top that is supposed to look like a wood grain., but it’s most definitely not! The cool thing is I got this desk  for free out of an old office building that was getting rid of stuff.


  1. I first started with cleaning the desk inside and out with soap and water
  2. The next step was to remove the handles with a screw driver
  3. This needed to be sanded so applied my sander to the areas to rough up the surfaces.  Make sure you use a mask so you don’t inhale any of the toxic dust. This step also gets very messy.  I would consider hanging some sheets up to collect the dust. I damped my sheets with water so the dust would cling to them.
  4. The colors had already been chosen so now I just needed to tape off the desk on where I wanted the black and white to be.


Okay, so I should have got a picture of the type of paint I used BEFORE  I used it. Things got a little messy. When you apply the  paint it drips very easy so you want to apply thin coats. The paint also takes a good 12-14 hours to dry in between coats

5. I applied 3 coats of both the black and white  Rustoleum  direct metal  paint. I purchased  this paint at the local home improvement store. I love the gloss and thickness of this paint. It was approx $8.00 a can.

6. I used a white spray paint on the handles and applied 2 coats.



I was very happy on how this turned out. My only regret was that I needed to wait maybe another 12 hours, for it to completely dry because it felt dry to touch but it was not completely dry. I had to go over a few spots where I had started to place items back to where they belonged on this desk.

It was a big project but the payoff was worth it. My favorite part it the top. It’s so glossy and shiny. I love to run my hand across it. I am now one more step away from completing my office transformation. Stay turned for my next project.



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Bogging is not for the weak…

The frustrations of being the new kid on the block

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