My name is Cat short for Catherine, Cathy, Chatty Cathy, or any other names that people have created off of my name. Who am I, well  I am a full time nurse and enjoy my job working mainly with seniors and their families. I am also a mom to 2 wonderful kids both teenagers and I am still alive to write this! I am also a wife to my amazing husband of almost 20 yrs!! Just like most of you it is easy to get caught up in the craziness of life.  They say everyone has a passion, as I was trying to figure out what mind was I didn’t realize it was right in front of my face. I enjoy creating new things out of old. I always have. There is just something about taking something with history and may not have a purpose in my world today and give it a new purpose. It also helps that I am very thrifty and LOVE a good bargain. My passion for repurposing items comes from my mom when the word REPURPOSE was not trendy nor hip, it was a way of living. We didn’t have much money growing up and my mom repurposed so many things with such love and luster that I still have so many of the items in my house as inspiration. My mom is no longer with me on this earth but is in my heart and I expressed it every time I start a new project. I always think in my head  I wonder how mom would do this…  I hope you all enjoy my projects and ideas as much as I do sharing them.