Pictures are worth a Thousand words

I had an extra frame that I really loved but the glass had fallen out and crashed into a million pieces. I had hung on to it because I loved the size of it and I really loved the texture and pattern of the frame. I also did not have the heart to toss it,  I know I could have got a replacement piece of glass, but I had this idea instead…

The frame was a brown color, to begin with and I failed to take a  picture before I painted it. Oops!!!. I bought a can of morning sky Chalky Finish spray paint by  Krylon and sprayed 2 coats on the frame and let it dry  over night, it turned out great!

I bought some twine at the local dollar store along with a bag of wooden clothes pin. This was very inexpensive and was just perfect for this project. I already had my trusty glue gun and plenty of glue sticks so I just went to work gluing the twine on the frame. The challenge was how tight or loose to get the twine. I started on the looser side and then I could always adjusted it later. Now you can you use wire if you prefer to, I liked the twine because it was easy to glue on and it was that different texture that I was searching for.  I also was not planning on hanging anything very heavy on these lines.

I hung a picture mount on the back of the frame so I was able to hang this up in my office. Yes I am still working on this bloody office lol. Some day it will be done!!


This is the finishing product. I decided to hang some old-time photos of the family. I thought it matched the motif and like I said in the beginning of this post…PICTURES ARE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS…Thanks for stopping by!


About kitcatsdesigns

I am a full time nurse, mom and wife. My love for repurposing items and living the country life. I owe my passion to my mom who is no longer on this earth with me but in my heart and in my desire to be creative.
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9 Responses to Pictures are worth a Thousand words

  1. That’s really creative


  2. Very cute. Good to know I’m not the only one that keeps old frames and things around for later. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I am going to make a few of these for gifts!

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  4. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    This is Kitcats Designs!

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  5. annjekins says:

    Great ideal..

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