Barn Windows

There is just something about barn windows… I have this need to want to restore and keep them intact. I love the history that they tell in the with the multiple layers of the paint. The grains of rust that fall off the the window latch. I wonder how many times this window was closed shut to keep the the farm animals warm. I can imagine the  sound the rain made as it hits the glass. This window is particular special to me because it belonged to my grandparents and was brilliantly saved by mother. It was intact with the glass  with no cracks!

My husband had made this great stand but our aquarium but I wanted doors after the fact and these barns windows worked out pretty awesome.  Since we stored so much stuff underneath. I could not have it showing. It was an eye sore!

I decided to frost the glass because I did not want any one to see the hot mess underneath. This was a pretty simple step and could easily be undone if I decided I did not like it or I was unhappy with it. I was really cautious of causing any damage. You just tape off the areas you do not want the paint to touch and then you apply it just as if you would any spray paint. I applied Krylon Glass Frost Aerosol Spray and waited for it to dry. I applied two coats.


I then bought some great stencils at the craft store to etch the letter M in the center for our last name. Now this is on going argument with in the house that everyone says this looks like a H… so I will let you all be the judge.

I  was able to find some great hinges at a local Habitat for Humanity Store. They looked as if they had been on some old windows or doors. It was such a great find. I always try to find such hardware and difficult items at these stores. This is such a great way to give back a little to your community. Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability,and shelter for those in the community. Happy New Year to you all, Thank you for stopping by.


About kitcatsdesigns

I am a full time nurse, mom and wife. My love for repurposing items and living the country life. I owe my passion to my mom who is no longer on this earth with me but in my heart and in my desire to be creative.
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  1. It look beautiful now.. happy new year


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    This is Kitcat Designs!


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