Whistle while I work ??

women-readingHow do I entertain myself as I do manual labor on these projects I do? Well I do NOT whistle! I don’t know how to whistle…I’m actually pretty jealous of these people who can bust out a whistle effortlessly especially if its like the the whistle to ” Sweet child of Mine, by Axel Rose/Guns & Roses…. did I just date myself?? So what do I do??.. well besides the norm of listening to my favorite music, and replaying in my head that come back I should have said when I had that argument earlier with my co-worker or that random line cutter., I LOVE to listen to audio books. I don’t get much time to read  AND…. To tell you the truth for some reason when I actually STOP and SIT STILL to read, I fall asleep. It’s weird. So it takes me like a year or 2 to make it through a book and then I can’t even remember the beginning.,So I got really turned on to audio books years ago when I had a job as a medical sales rep and was on the road all the time and lets face it there is only so much music you can listen too and only so much news before you have heard it all. So I got into books again it made my trips exciting. I actually love  to be on the road again. I found myself being able to engage with people on what the latest books where and expressed my thoughts and ides. I have always wanted to read some of the classics like “The Catcher  and the Rye”,  ” Gone with the Wind”,  ” Wuthering Heights” so I  took advantage and played these by audio as these were  not required reads in my years of education. I can say some are over rated.

What do I typical read or listen to?  Well it’s typically  non fiction, it’s either what you call a chick lit  book..my work typically can be quiet depressing with life and death decisons everyday..  so  I need something up Lifting and Funny  or something that takes me away from it all! Then there is the other side of things….I have always loved crime books, with a strong female lead. So mainly what I am saying either the chick has to make me laugh or she has to kick some serious ass because I have to work my butt off all day and now I’m doing some labor to make this project look good I want to be entertained by an amazing leading lady!

I am currently listening a great series of books by Chris Mooney and I am #4″ The Soul Collector”.The female is a bad ass name Darby Mc Cormick who is just awesome. It has a combination of police, FBI, CIA and government…I just keep at it. This is my new vice at the moment.

I loved  The devil wears Prada , Good in Bed, Shopaholic, I Don’t Know how she does it, (I Loved them all)

I would really love to hear some great non fiction books  that my readers have read. Please share! I have many more projects and need many more suggestions! Thank you all in advance. Also you do not have to stick to my guidelines if there is something you adored please share with me. I’m sure I will love it to, so let it fly people!!! Thank you!





About kitcatsdesigns

I am a full time nurse, mom and wife. My love for repurposing items and living the country life. I owe my passion to my mom who is no longer on this earth with me but in my heart and in my desire to be creative.
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