Pallet Signs

Making pallet signs are one of my favorite things to make. There are fairly easy to make and I feel like I get an instant gravitation. This sign only took me approximately 4 hours to make not counting the drying period. I started with this pile of wood. You will see this picture of this pile of wood in many of my projects I have 2 more piles just like this and I have made good use of it.

  1. Picture number 2 is the back of the sign. I used two boards and screwed in two pieces of scrape wood on the back to secure the boards together.
  2. I then got a stencil and penciled in the outline of each letter.
  3. I had some black craft paint and hand painted each letter.It took approximately 1 hour to dry and I then did another coat of the black.
  4. The last thing I did was apply a quick drying clear coat polyurethane. I applied 4  coats because my plan for this piece was to be outside on my front porch. I wanted to be protected from the elements.img_1261

About kitcatsdesigns

I am a full time nurse, mom and wife. My love for repurposing items and living the country life. I owe my passion to my mom who is no longer on this earth with me but in my heart and in my desire to be creative.
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